Özgür Dumlu

Managing Partner

Medicalpark and Liv Hospitals
Group Acendis ( Delta Trade Company Med.Div.Ltd )
Memorial Hospital
General Manager
Turkish Airforce
Projects Manager
Medtek Medical Electronic A.Ş
Biomedical Engineering Department
  Logistics Lietunent Research Engineer,

Briefly Özgür

17 years of experience in Health Sector 12 years in Management of Clinical Engineering and Facility Management Departments 11 years in Project and Contract Management (incl. Procurement, Medical technology and Capital investment budget management) 6 years in Board of Operations in one of the largest chain hospital group in Turkey 3 years in Sales and Marketing 1 year Management of Hospital Operation as a General Manager Management of Projects in MoH hospitals in Turkey and KSA – Income-Sharing Partnership projects, Training Programs, Operational Processes (Biomedical Dept, Facility Mng, ICU, Cardiology, etc) Managed a Capex budget of more than $600 million investment totally, Opex budget of around $100 million annually.

İsmail Aksoy

Project Partner

GHS Consulting, Engineering, Health Service Inc.
General Manager
Smartlab Health Services Inc.
Project Coordinator
TTTWorld Company Inc. 
General Manager
Avea Healthcare Inc.
General Manager (Medical) 
Alptek Engineering and Technological Systems Inc.
Deputy General Manager
Atlas Healthcare Inc.
General Manager
Tymed Healthcare Inc.
Owner & General Manager
Medtronic/Tyco Healtcare Inc.
Director of Surgical&Marketing Director
Medtek Medical Electronic Inc.
Regional Sales & Marketing Manager
Akad Industrial Products&Health Inc.
Regional Sales&Marketing Rep.&Sales Manager


Briefly İsmail

Over 30 years of experience in the Healthcare Industry

• Over 20 years of experience in sales-marketing and coordination management.
• 15 years in project management (purchasing, contract management)
• Company founder and partnership for more than 10 years
• Project coordination, procurement and budget management at home and abroad for more than 10 years
• Worked as General Manager, Deputy General Manager, Official-Signature Officer and Employer Coordinator at different health and laboratory companies for 8 years.
• It consists of establishing and managing the supply chain and team management, signing a supply chain network for more than 15 years.

As for Business Management,
• Establishing a production facility, management of processes.
• Training Programs, Operational Processes.
• Total investment expenditure budget exceeded 400 million dollars.
• Project management of approximately 250 million Euros at a time on a project basis.
• 400,000 m2 employer employee and project coordinator in the electromechanical project of the hospital.

2 times first prize in EMEA region sales in Medtronic / Tyco İnc.

Alptekin Tanır

Project Partner

TBS Group
Public Private Partnership Hospital
Sancak Group & Medical Park
GMC Poland
Investments Officer
Bonus Sytems Poland
Vice President
Tansaş Retail
Project Manager
Garanti Bank
Yapı Kredi Bank
Arthur Andersen Co. Sc (USA , Turkey)

Briefly Alptekin

Totaly 10 years in consultancy business Specific focus to healtcare since 2010 market entry, hospital plannings in PPP projects Major corporate finance and Business development professional Global network of busines such as: TBS group, Capitol Health. Mastercard Several years of project management

Abdullah Türker Yüceer

Project Partner

Prowork Group

Briefly Abdullah

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